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In Bloom Program

The In Bloom project, launched in 2017, has had a significant positive effect on the lives of New Brunswick women and children escaping domestic violence.
This initiative supports vulnerable and victimized women and their children by providing the financial and educational resources to lift them from hopelessness to self-sustainability and from despair to a bright future.
Over the past two years, forty-three lives have been immeasurably improved solely because of In Bloom – thirteen women and their thirty dependent children. These women pursued nine different programs of study.
Ten women have either graduated or are mid-program and on track to graduate with three discontinuing. Community partners continue to support all participants; including helping the three that were not able to remain in their NBCC program. We are ready to assist them in resuming their studies once they are ready.
The In Bloom program is more than financial support. It takes a holistic approach to help participants and their children. During the year, they received personal, professional, and family development, including, but not limited to, the following:

The lives of the individuals who have completed their programs and their children are immeasurably changed as the graduate employment rate is 100%. For the children, having a mother who attended college significantly increases the likelihood that they will pursue post-secondary education. For the families that participate in the program, In Bloom is a catalyst for multi-generational change.

Former Youth In Care Initiative

hand with vertical jenga blocks falling overNBCC’s ‘Former Youth in Care Tuition Bursary’ is a tuition and fees waiver program for individuals who spent more than 12 months placed as a child in care in New Brunswick, including foster care, group home care, and other forms of care.
The initiative is aimed at making post-secondary education more accessible for former youth in care by waiving tuition and compulsory fees for eligible students. Beginning in September 2021, NBCC will support a minimum of 10 students annually.
NBCC is the first post-secondary institution in New Brunswick to waive tuition and fees for former youth in care. In addition to the financial support, participants will receive wrap around services from a variety of NBCC support services coordinated by the First Generation Coordinator.

hand with vertical jenga blocks falling over

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